FAIRFORD MEDICAL can supply both new and fully refurbished MRI units mounted in custom designed and built Mobile Trailers for longer term lease or shorter term rental. Our affordable used MRIs are beautifully refurbished to ISO 9001 and ISO 13845 standards and custom modified with a Mobile Kit to fit properly into the trailers. Many come with one year OEM warranty of both the Mobile Trailer and the refurbished MRI.

FAIRFORD MEDICAL is offering these systems for Rental or Lease at substantially lower prices than the OEM quote and come with Comprehensive best in class maintenance provided by our associate company Health Imaging Solutions Ltd. These units are offered to NHS hospitals, Private imaging departments, Veterinarian and University facilities with rental periods from as little as 4 weeks on flexible terms, with discounts applying for longer periods! Lease rates start at 18 months and longer. And for lease periods of 18 months or more we will apply your livery to the unit for free!

Trailers are custom built by LAMBOO in Holland (the only coach builder certified by Siemens) and fully certified, equiped and type approved for use on both on UK and Continental roads.

FAIRFORD MEDICAL is now taking RENTAL orders for our beautifully refurbished 
Siemens AVANTO MRI with TIM+DOT [76 x 18 Channel], Q Gradients
in a brand new, custom-built top of the line Mobile Trailer. Please
call now on +44 20 7317 3000 to discuss further and request specific
client requirements to be included.

Our Mobile MRI unit MT015 has now been delivered and is out on rental
in Europe and the UK. The next available slot will be 1st November 2017
but please note that demand is strong and we are currently talking to a
number of potential customers for three to six month rentals.

Rental prices start at £9,500.00 per week for 4 to 12 weeks, £8,750.00 for
13 to 29 Weeks and £8,000.00 for 30 to 52 weeks. This includes full OEM
maintenance on both the Mobile Trailer and the Siemens AVANTO TIM+DOT
MRI (under warranty for the first year, thereafter by our sister company

Phone +44 20 7317 3000 or email: for details

MT015 - Mobile Siemens AVANTO 1.5T TIM+DOT [76 x 18 Channel] MRI

MT016 - Mobile Philips Achieva 1.5T 16 Channel MRI

FAIRFORD MEDICAL offers these new or refurbished units as a quick way to add extra capacity to clear backlogs for any Hospital or Imaging Department without having to go through long winded planning applications, site preparation and applying for capital budgets.

Mobile MRI systems on longer term lease can be customised with the client’s own livery and if planned ahead can have client specified internal configurations.