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Our Services

FAIRFORD MEDICAL understands that every customer and imaging department has its unique requirements for increasing efficiency and throughput to hit performance targets; budgetary and funding constraints and above all physical space restrictions. We are dedicated to helping our customers deliver the best and most efficient patient care possible and bring our expertise and creativity to tailor the most suitable solutions for each customer. Our knowledgeable team will search for and match the right static or mobile equipment for your hospital or clinic or veterinarian centre. And we can have a specific requirement designed and built especially for your needs if not readily available.

Short-Term Rental

FAIRFORD MEDICAL specialises in Short-Term RENTAL of quality refurbished static and mobile MRI, MOBILE MRI, CT, MOBILE CT, PET/CT and MOBILE PET/CT medical imaging systems to medical and veterinarian imagining departments throughout the UK. All our systems have been bought directly from Hospitals and Clinics after rigorous System Audits and Error Log analysis acceptance tests by experienced and professional System Engineers working for our associated maintenance company, Health Imaging Solutions Ltd (HISL) who then carry out the entire de-install process. Our systems are fully refurbished to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards by HISL in its dedicated Engineering and Refurbishment Centre in South Yorkshire or similar specialist facilities in Europe.

Longer-Term Leasing

FAIRFORD MEDICAL's CT and MRI Diagnostic Imaging Mobile and Static Systems have been refurbished to the very highest ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards at our dedicated Engineering and Refurbishment Facility in South Yorkshire or similar facilities in Europe. We offer these systems on Longer-Term Lease at exceptional prices to NHS, Private, Veterinarian and University facilities for 1, 2 or 3 years. And we can offer these MRI and CT systems in custom built Mobile and Re-Locatable units that can quickly supplement your Tier 1 Diagnostic Medical Imaging capacity, providing cover for system downtime or replacement, or just to clear patient backlogs. And all leased equipment comes with a 1 year Warranty and a comprehensive maintenance contract that guarantees 98% Up-Time.

Buying Used Systems

FAIRFORD MEDICAL buys directly all suitable MRI and CT equipment from all major manufacturers from hospitals, universities, clinics and medical imaging departments. We select the most suitable equipment based on how much use it has been subject to, rather than how old it is. HISL experienced engineers conduct a full System Audit and analysis of performance and error logs before deciding to go ahead with the purchase. Machines that are not suitable to become refurbished equipment may be purchased to be broken up for spares, especially if the model is no longer being manufactured or supported by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). The HISL engineers will then Project Manage and carry out the non-destructive de-installation of the equipment, thus keeping costs down even further. They can even Project Manage and oversee the installation of new replacement systems working closely with the customer’s technical department and the OEM supplier.

Refurbishing and Upgrading

FAIRFORD MEDICAL arranges for the used equipment to be fully refurbished and even upgrades the electronic/imaging packages where appropriate using HISL’s dedicated Engineering and Refurbishment Centre. This facility has been purpose designed to allow refurbished equipment to be mounted in dedicated mobile trailers after full testing and certification by Hospital Radiation Officers. And all work is carried out to ISO 9001 and 13485 certifications.

FAIRFORD MEDICAL can therefore charge significantly less than OEMs and Brokers as everything is controlled in-house to ensure we provide the best quality and most cost effective static systems to match our customer’s requirements. We can provide these static or mobile systems on Rent for as little as 4 weeks to over a year; on Lease for 2 to 5 years; or sell the equipment outright in the UK, in Europe and elsewhere.

Leasing Software and Hardware

FAIRFORD MEDICAL can even lease out the workstations, IT equipment and software, thus reducing capital expenditure even further. And we can create just the right contracts to suit each customer. And all our systems come with a full maintenance contract with a 98% Uptime Guarantee provided by HISL at considerable cost savings over OEMs and with quickest and most responsive service in the UK.