The Team Behind A Medical Imaging Machine

As advances in artificial intelligence, automation and IoT begin to materialise and find their way in to modern medical practice, the question as to whether technology can replace humans in the provision of healthcare is raised once more. For existing radiologists, fear of the future and the technological developments it holds is not uncommon. The […]

What Are The Challenges Of Gaining Regulatory Approval And How Can You Overcome Them?

As the MedTech sector continues to enjoy exponential growth across Europe and the US, the list of cutting edge healthcare solutions is rapidly expanding by the day. In fact, according to the most recent report from the European Patent Office (EPO), medical technology was the most popular patent filing category of 2018, with 13,795 filings […]

How Is Ai Changing Medical Imaging?

Confirmed through countless studies, the potential that artificial intelligence holds in enhancing patient outcomes is no secret. With the ability to analyse immense swathes of data-sets and extract meaningful insights, the practice of radiology and pathology are set to benefit from the continuation in development of AI-based medical imaging solutions. Until now, however, no roadmap […]