Fairford Medical’s Superb New Relocatable Siemens Avanto Fit 1.5t [2048 X 48 Channel] Mri Is Nearing Completion At Lamboo In Holland

Sunday, November 26 2017

Fairford Leasing’s magnificent 4m x 13.85m x 3.2m Relocatable Avanto Fit MRI is nearing completion. It is probably the most advanced and highly rated unit ever built and certainly the first with a Siemens Avanto FIT MRI.

It has been built to the highest Fire and Health & Safety regulations and certifications (not just 1 Hour Fire Rating for all wall panels and the ceiling panel but reinforced with an integral and interlocked steel framework set into the wall and ceiling panels. It comes with two changing rooms, integrated air and oxygen systems, a sink, contrast injector and a 2048 x 48 Channel 1.5T MRI with the highest resolution in a 1.5T MRI. 

It comes as a Cardiac rated system with all licences and brand new coils rated at 4G TIM & DOT and includes every option available.

Fairford Medical’s superb new Relocatable Siemens Avanto FIT 1.5T [2048 x 48 Channel] MRI is nearing completion at Lamboo in Holland

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