Thinking Inside the Box: Fairford Medical’s CT Scanbox

Thursday, November 10 2022

The latest report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), ‘Health at a Glance: Europe 2018’, has highlighted the severe lack of provision of imaging equipment in the United Kingdom, and in turn indicates a real concern for the countries’ medical imaging sector.

Interestingly in this report, the United Kingdom is labelled as one of three countries having the lowest number of MRI units and CT scanners per capita among EU countries. Having a chronic shortage in the UK is less than ideal, but this is where we introduce Fairford Medical’s CT ScanBox!

This new imaging solution provides scanning services where and when you need it. Which, in the ever-changing and ever-demanding medical imaging sector is key. Using this technology eases access to diagnostics, in turn improving outcomes and the patient experience.

The concern we face with a shortage of scanning equipment for the population in the UK, with 400,000 CT Scans accessed and carried out in January 2017, is providing patients with immediate access to scans to ensure diagnoses are made in a prompt manner.

The CT ScanBox can be supplied by Fairford Medical to the NHS through a procurement framework for short, medium- or long-term use as well as to countries outside of the United Kingdom. Its three main attributes – affordability, easy deliverance and being packed with modern and personalised features – sets it apart from its competitors and aligns Fairford Medical as a leader in the medical imaging sector.

Being able to support a wide range of the latest CT Scanners, the ScanBox is also available to be tailored to meet your needs by adding additional support modules. This can include waiting areas, changing facilities and spaces for after-care and private meetings.

We recognise the challenges the industry faces and that there can be fairly complex care pathways but at Fairford Medical, we believe we can at least improve access to cardiac enabled diagnostics. We are equipment providers, which only solves one aspect of this multi-faceted problem, however, the Scanbox does this and we are proud of what it has the potential to achieve. There are several key reasons to choose the CT ScanBox:

Easily Delivered and Implemented

Fairford Medical’s Project Team will ensure you have all aspects covered to receive your ScanBox and start scanning in the shortest timescale.

Clinically Effective

Fairford Medical are vendor neutral, allowing you to decide upon the most appropriate system that fits your clinical need. This will enable consistent high quality, patient focussed care.

Easily Delivered and Implemented

Taking up fewer than four parking spaces, the ScanBox is compact and easy to deliver, even to challenging locations. Additional modules can be configured to suit your bespoke clinical need. We also offer flexible finance packages to suit all budgets.

High Quality

Fairford Medical uses certified components and materials from the highest quality suppliers, drawing on experience of providing larger and more expensive suites to ensure that the patient and user experience of the ScanBox is just as high.

The need for medical imaging facilities is always present and with advances in technology continuing, Fairford Medical are ready to tackle the needs of the sector.

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