The Different Types Of Medical Imaging And Why We Use Them

It’s hard to imagine the modern healthcare landscape without medical imaging. Whether to diagnose neurological conditions, catch fatal diseases at an early stage, assess damage following an injury or provide those all-important check-ups during pregnancy, medical imaging plays a critical role in patient care – so much so, in fact, that 3.42 million medical imaging […]

What Has Medical Imaging Done For Us Anyway?

Often ranked as one of the top medical developments in recent history, it’s difficult to imagine modern healthcare without medical imaging. Over the course of a century, radiology has revolutionised the way that healthcare professionals interpret, diagnose and treat a wide range of serious illnesses and injuries. Thanks to a series of ground-breaking discoveries and […]

The Importance Of Mobile/relocatable Medical Imaging Machines

When a healthcare practice is equipped with the latest technology, they are able to reduce wait-times, improve outcomes and enhance patient care. Of course, that’s all well and good if a practice has the funds to afford the equipment, the installation and the costs associated with recurring maintenance. When budgets are tight, back-logs are building […]