The Importance Of Mobile/relocatable Medical Imaging Machines

When a healthcare practice is equipped with the latest technology, they are able to reduce wait times, improve outcomes and enhance patient care. Of course, that’s all well and good if a practice has the funds to afford the equipment, the installation and the costs associated with recurring maintenance. When budgets are tight, back-logs are […]


Medical Imaging Convention – NEC Birmingham on 26 and 27 March 2019 FAIRFORD MEDICAL LIMITED is exhibiting at theMEDICAL IMAGING CONVENTIONon Stand 643 at theNEC Birminghamthis week on 26 and 27 March 2019!

Ai And Medical Imaging

Depending on who you ask, Artificial Intelligence is either the harbinger of doom or a revolutionary tool destined to change our lives for the better. For radiologists, the advent of machine learning sits somewhere in the middle. Five years ago, talk of this technology in the medical imaging market was reserved for researchers speculating on […]

Fairford Medical Joins Nhs-sbs Framework!

FAIRFORD MEDICAL LTD and the FAIRFORD MEDICAL GROUP proudly announces that it has now joined the NHS-SBS Managed Equipment Services and Maintenance Services Framework issued in January 2019. FAIRFORD MEDICAL LTD and the FAIRFORD MEDICAL GROUP offers our customers bespoke and creative solutions to their unique needs, not just products. We work closely with our customers to fully understand their requirements […]

Top 3 Developments In Mri Or Ct Around The World

The frenetic pace of change in the field of medical imaging has seen a raft of new developments take centre stage to improve patient diagnosis and treatment. Thanks to advancements in digital technology and increased investment into medical imaging research, hospitals around the world are benefiting from techniques that allow for enhanced resolution, increased efficiency […]

Key Trends That Affected The Sector In 2018

Wearable technology We have well and truly integrated wearable technology into our lives, relying on it increasingly for managing our time, money, messaging and health. It’s in the healthcare sector, in fact, where we see a huge impact. Hospitals are using Fitbits for things like managing weight loss programs, for example, patients are using wearable […]

A Guide To The Ct, And How It Works:

In 1971, the first Computed Tomography image was produced of a patient’s brain in Atkinson Morley’s Hospital, London. Thanks to the research and development undertaken by one Sir Godfrey Hounsfield of EMI laboratories, the CT scanner was able to produce a cross-sectional image —or “slice” — of the patient’s brain to reveal more detailed information […]

Why Radiography Could Be The Career For You

Considering a career in radiography? You’re in luck: despite rapid advances in intelligent technology, the unique skill set of radiographers is in high demand. Teaming strong technical ability with emotional intelligence and a natural knack for problem-solving, radiographers play a pivotal role in modern healthcare – whether it’s in the diagnosis or treatment of illness […]