De-installation Of A Siemens Trio 3t & A Siemens Symphony 1.5t From Mariarc

Tuesday, March 28 2017

Health Imaging Solutions Limited recently project managed and de-installed two Siemens MRI scanners from MARIARC research centre, which is part of the University of Liverpool. Fairford Medical Limited were the successful bidders for a Siemens Trio 3T and Symphony 1.5T MRI scanners. Fairford Medical Limited contracted the project management and de-installation to Health Imaging Solutions Limited and they removed both systems in just four days. HISL provided project management services to schedule the removal works in collaboration with the MARIARC projects team. Road closures, crane hire, ground plate bearing testing and building works were all coordinated and the associated costs were fully covered as part of the offer for the two systems. They removed both scanners and primary water chillers from site in conjunction with our logistics partners, Simon Hegele. HISL also provide lead OEM trained product specialists to data cleanse, clinical cleaning, ramp down of the magnets using their own power supplies and they carried out full system and coil audits prior to removal. HISL also provided all RAMS, contract lifting plans, insurances and patient data cleanse certification to the client. The MARIARC team were delighted with the services offered by both HISL and Fairford Medical Limited.

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