Progress Report On Fairford Medical’s New Mobile Avanto Tim+dot Mri At Lamboo

Sunday, May 21 2017

Progress Visit on 19 May 2017

FAIRFORD MEDICAL‘s new Mobile SIEMENS AVANTO TIM+DOT [76 x 18 Channel] MRI is making great progress at Lamboo in Holland and is on time for delivery at the end of June 2017. This will be on of the highest spec mobile MRIs on the market with a top of the line custom designed Mobile Trailer by the only coach builder fully certified by Siemens for use in the UK and Europe.

This easy to use, high throughput MRI is certified under COCIR Good Refurbishment Practice and ISO 13845 standards. It comes with full ONE YEAR OEM WARRANTY of both the Siemens AVANTO MRI and the Mobile Trailer!

FAIRFORD MEDICAL offers Rental for periods starting at just EIGHT WEEKS for Interim Usage, with discounts for longer periods. Even more savings can be had for Leasing for periods from 12 months to three years.

FAIRFORD MEDICAL designs its trailers to be the best in class, with extra features to enhance the patient experience and boost your scanning throughput, such as Image panels and patient selectable Mood Lighting to put your patients more at ease; much quieter Chiller systems to reduce the noise levels that can make patients feel uneasy; full humidity control and air conditioning provided throughout the trailer; twin changing rooms to increase patient throughput; and a lift with integrated rails for patient convenience and safety.

FAIRFORD MEDICAL’s new Mobile Trailer and MRI can be used to quickly supplement your Tier 1 Medical Imaging capacity, providing cover for scanner downtime or relocation, or just eliminating patient backlogs, without needing lengthy planning permission, extensive building works and applying for hard to obtain capital budgets.

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