The Importance Of The ’nhs-sbs Managed Equipment Services And Maintenance Services Framework’

Tuesday, April 23 2019

As a specialist supplier of Mobile, Relocatable and Static MRI and CT systems for Medical Imaging and Diagnosis, our priority has always been to find cost-effective solutions that fit the unique needs of our customers. Rather than just products, we deliver a bespoke service that reflects the key requirements, budgets and time constraints of our customers.

Partnerships play a key role in this – in order to ensure healthcare practices have access to the best medical imaging technology and maintenance services they need for diagnostics and treatment, we foster relationships with key organisations in the healthcare industry who we believe can aid us in achieving our objective: making medical imaging equipment more readily available and accessible to all, regardless of geographical location or budgetary constraints.

That’s why, in January of this year, we joined the NHS-SBS Managed Equipment Services and Maintenance Services Framework. Established to tackle constraints on capital budgets, the NHS SBS Clinical Managed Services provides customers with an end-to-end solution that has so far proven highly beneficial from a financial standpoint. Previously, accessing some frameworks required a fee. The removal of these charges means that all framework agreements are now completely free to access.

Today, the portfolio of framework agreements offered by NHS SBS offers typical savings of around 10 percent and covers everything from Diagnostics, Diagnostic Imaging, Renal, Catheter Laboratories, Decontamination and Maintenance services.
Amidst a backdrop of budget cuts and increasing demand, the NHS SBS exists to aid hospitals and public-sector organisations to deliver high quality care during these difficult times. Already, they have succeeded in delivering £350 million in audited procurement savings opportunities since 2005.

As well as the cost benefit, the framework offers flexibility for healthcare providers whose needs will fluctuate depending on demand. What’s more, the NHS SBS Managed Equipment Services and Maintenance Services Framework can be used by any public-sector organisation, not just the NHS.

Local authorities; schools, colleges and universities; the emergency services and housing associations can all stand to benefit from this free service. In order to find the right supplier that fits their requirements, the framework allows for healthcare practices to make an OJEU-compliant direct award or run a mini-competition between suppliers.

By combining NHS knowledge with the specialist expertise of commercial vendors such as Fairford Medical, the Managed Equipment Services framework agreement exists to ensure the right contracts are in place to improve patient outcomes.
Since joining with the NHS SBS Managed Equipment Services and Maintenance Services Framework, access to our state-of-the-art static and relocatable medical imaging systems has been already been greatly improved.

From services such as contract QA, installation and relocation to maintenance of the Medical Imaging Scanners; technical support for MRI, CT, X-Ray and Ultrasounds; project management for equipment replacement programs for NHS Hospitals and refurbishment of older equipment, public sector organisations can take advantage of our extensive list of services through a free membership to NHS SBS.

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