Update On Fairford Medical’s Latest Avanto Fit Mri Relocatable

Monday, October 30 2017

FAIRFORD MEDICAL’s latest state of the art, custom designed Relocatable being built at Lamboo in Holland has had the fully refurbished Siemens AVANTO FIT MRI magnet installed. This will be the first time an AVANTO FIT MRI has been installed in a Relocatable anywhere in the world.

This is effectively a brand new Siemens AERA MRI with a full set of brand new AERA coils but with an AVANTO MRI magnet, which produces the highest resolution and clearest scan images available at present in the Siemens 1.5T MRI range. 

This superb unit will be delivered at the begining of December 2017 and available for short or medium term rental (minimum 6 weeks) in the UK or Europe from mid-December 2017.

Contact FAIRFORD MEDICAL on +44 20 7317 3000 for more details.

Update on FAIRFORD MEDICAL’s latest AVANTO FIT MRI Relocatable

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